Celebrating Mom

Date: 04/27/2021

Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to mark the incredible women in our lives that shape and influence not just “us” and “me”, but our communities and society. There are many different types of maternal relationships; mom, momma, auntie, mother, grandmother, sister, teacher, and wife to name just a few. These influences can also be current or in the past. And not to be forgotten, Mother’s Day can be filled with pain for those who have lost or have been unable. It is a day to remember and be hopeful for the future. For me, I celebrate my momma every day. She is my rock. My best friend and my biggest fan. An example of hard work, sacrifice, and unwavering love. But on Mother’s Day, she gets my extra special adoration. Here are some of my favorite ideas to show the women in our lives how much we care.


Carving out time in our busy schedules is a gift in itself and making the time to spend together doing something special is truly the best gift of all. Think of what your mom loves to do and make it happen! Put the phones down and connect with her.

Make breakfast – start the day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  Bring all the supplies and prepare an Acai bowl or delicious veggie omelet at home or visit your local breakfast spot and dine in (if available) or take it to a gorgeous park to sit outside and enjoy some nature.

Make dinner – if your mom is not an early bird, perhaps dinner is the way to go.  What are her favorite menu items?  Can you recreate at home or do you need DoorDash to help?   Bring out the special plates and make a beautiful table scape for just you two or for the whole crew.  Putting in a little extra effort can elevate even take-out pizza to a mom-worthy affair!

My mother-in-law’s favorite place is the local botanical garden.  A stroll (or roll in my case) around the gardens and quietly admiring the spring blooms makes her happy and that makes me happy!   She also loves a trip to the spa (who doesn’t!) and tucking a gift card into a tulip bouquet for her to enjoy at her leisure is a welcome surprise.


The Stuff

Moms are typically the first to give and the last to take.  Giving them the gift of self-care is a gentle reminder for them to take a moment and recharge.  Rest and repair.

Agent Nateur is one of my favorite beauty brands that is focused on high quality, natural ingredients that achieve results.  The Coconut Milk Bath is top of the list for must-give self-care.   The creamy soak revitalizes and makes the skin supple and gorgeous!  Use my code “AGENTLENA” for a 15% discount.

Tata Harper is another focused beauty brand using raw, high performance ingredients from all over the globe.  The Tata Harper website is a wealth of information and ideas on how to create a spa day at home.  For a limited time, they are offering a Mother’s Day Beauty sleep combo that is superb!

Vitner’s Daughter has a targeted Active Botanical Serum that is a so good, I wrote a whole article about it on Lena’s World!  I am obsessed and sure that any mom would love this indulgent serum.

Self-care comes in many forms and one of my mom’s is green tea.  Pique Tea is not only delicious with the highest quality ingredients, but the packaging is also gift-worthy!  Pique is offering a fantastic Mother’s Day promotion with special gifts and a donation to “Every Mother Counts” with every purchase.  You are welcome to use my code “Lena” for a 5% discount.  To learn more about the health benefits of green tea, read my recent post.

Last but certainly not least – CHOCOLATES.  If your mom has a sweet tooth like mine, she will certainly welcome a box of the delicious Compartes European chocolates made locally in Los Angeles.  Compartes is offering a few unique Mother’s Day collections that are extravagant and perfectly giftable.

As we welcome Spring and celebrate Mom’s the coming May, I wish you all peace and health.  And a reminder that time is the most extravagant gift of them all.  Please share with me how you and yours marked Mother’s Day this year.  I love to hear from you!

With love,