Hello everyone! Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me! I am originally from Ukraine and have lived in the USA since 1996. I am lucky to live in sunny California with my husband, my mom and our German Shepard Faro. We are obsessed with fresh, healthy, local and organic foods that are simply prepared to showcase their true flavors. I am fortunate to have a backyard garden and tons of fruit trees. I have had chronic Lyme disease, CFS and POTS for many years and have to use a wheelchair. It’s been a very difficult journey trying to regain health. My hobbies include reading, photography, cooking and learning new things. I am absolutely obsessed with traveling to new destinations and learning new cultures. And lastly, I love love love natural body products that I am excited to share here and on my Instagram page.

image Colors - they have more power than you know. image


Never close your eyes to color - they have more power than you know. Like Dorothy, following her yellow brick road (in those darling ruby heels), their contexts and contrasts can provide a new perspective, a fresh start. You just have to trust the path they take you on. I certainly did. And the first step is (contrary to popular opinion) the easiest: Listen to yourself on the subject of color. Choose what calls to you, and follow it freely in liberty. Don’t ignore the small choices - the shade of your shoes, the tone of your evening gown - because even these will have you tapping into a reserve of power you didn’t realize was there. So, dear follower, while I explore the full spectrum to boost my mood (no matter the hue), I would be more than happy to share that energy with you. Leaving you in the light of today’s color-inspo, Lena


  • What is your sign and do you think it represents you?

    I am a Sagittarius which are said to be the biggest travelers among the zodiac signs – so that is definitely me! I am also an enthusiastic optimist that likes change which are characteristics of a Sagittarius.

  • Why do you cover your face in your photos?

    Many people ask me this question and the answer is the same (for now) - I just want my privacy.

  • What started your passion for fashion?

    I was a bit quiet growing up. While my voice wasn’t able to always express how I felt, my clothes could! I used fashion to express myself and my creativity. There are so many creative ways to express your individuality – I encourage everyone to find their creative voice!

  • What is your medical condition and how long have you been sick?

    I have chronic Lyme disease, CFS and POTS. I have been sick since about 1999.

  • How did you get sick?

    My symptoms started around 99, I was in college at the time. Heart pain, fatigue, horrible joint pain (was having trouble walking upstairs from pain). I never saw a tick or had a bullseye rash. I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME first and that’s usually caused by viral infections like EBV, CMV, etc. My Lyme diagnosis came later.