My Favorite looks from Summer 2020

Date: 05/06/2021

I would never pick favorites… but summer is definitely in the top four of my favorite seasons.  The colors of summer spark memories of youth – the carefree, hopeful abandon of sunshine days and long, languid nights.  It seems that we all have more time to connect, be inspired and get creative. I am actually humming “Summertime” by Will Smith right now.  Try it – I am certain you know the words!  It will get you in the mood for my top five favorite looks from the 2020 summer season.  Fun inspired frills, florals, flare and a pop of elegance here and there.  With summer well on its way, it’s time to look back and find some inspiration from 2020’s summer’s fashion top five!

Summer Look Number One: Seaside Tulip-Petal Paradise

This sunny, first-day-of-summer by the seaside look is from the vibrant mind of Caroline Constas – a perfect choice during my stay at The Inn at Newport Ranch.  On this particular day, my mom and I decided to dress up for no special occasion – just to treat each other to lunch!

This fabulous flower-petal, splash-print of rouge, blue, and yellow, done up in the flowing ‘bell swell’ most known to Constas’ unique style. Truly, I don’t believe anything or anyone could have kept me from this dress.  Sometimes fashion choices are out of our control – we must wear them when they call to us! 

Our ladies lunch was scrumptious, and afterward we sat around watching waves crash against the rocky shore.  The Inn at Newport Ranch certainly lives up to its reputation as one with the most beautiful views along the California coast. Pro tip – bring a scarf to wrap up your hair as the wind can be fierce.

Summer Look Number Two: Poppy Days in a Forever July

There’s nothing like taking time from the hustle and bustle to sit in quiet park, surrounded by beautiful flowers (this is Filoli Gardens, if you were curious). This eye-catching poppy design from Dolce & Gabbana had detailed folds with a simple, full-length cut that exudes casual elegance.  Never to be found without at least a small accessory bag, this dainty Hermes Kelly Pochette in vermillion, not only held my sunnies but punctuated the gorgeous deep red of the poppies.

I topped the look off with a pair of classic pair of sky-high heels, which added to that sense of timelessness, seated there for that quiet moment. This particular piece, inspired by natures unending beauty, reminds to slow down and truly see what is around us.

Summer Look Number Three: Polka-dot Neutrals that Pop

Black and white is one of my all-time favorite combos, even in summer. And what could be better than some Cruella vibes here? The star of the show is, of course, this classic sun hat from Eric Javits which steals my heart every time.  Whenever I wear this hat, it feels as though I am taken back in time to a place where croquette and cucumber sandwiches are the norm.  But I love to twist is up by adding a pair of ripped jeans and this Hermes Toolbox bag – both of which were certainly not in fashion way back when!  Keeping it monochrome – my shoe choice was a So Kate no-brainer!

Summer Look Number Four: Sundry Sunsets from Day to Night

White airy dresses are a must for those hot California summer days. I have had this one for many years and have paired it with almost everything.  This ‘sneak-peak’ style dress is almost-naughty but mostly practical to keep myself cool and breezy in the heat.  Oh, and my husband loves this one!

On this particularly beautiful August afternoon I just had to pair this dress with rockstar bolds – color splashed and studded Louboutins, a Tissuville leather-cuff bracelet, an aquamarine ring, and of course, the focal point for the whole look: my blue atoll Hermes Jigeelan clutch!

For 2020 I made sure to mix contrasting ‘styles’ wherever I could, challenging the subtle boundaries of what one ‘should’ wear, and especially what one should wear when dressed in white. Why not challenge your own sensibilities about what does and doesn’t “go” together.  Be daring, pair a more feminine dress with some neon bolds or studded, leather accessories! If you do, I would love to hear about it! Tag me in a post on Instagram @panthere_instyle.   

Summer Look Number Five: Sunshine Yellow at Summer’s End

Summer always ends in the deepest, most dramatic of hues.  I tried to capture that in choosing my final favorite look for summer 2020, a pleated, full-length Versace skirt marked by their signature pattern.   ALL the primaries, with a splash of neon green at the heel!  Add to that a joyful, luxurious blouse in lemon, a simple silver chain necklace, and the subtlest added touch of good-luck-charm green from the Kelly bag. 

This outfit is an ensemble that certainly didn’t fail to give that added boost of joy.  In fact, this may be my favorite outfit of the five because I’ve always felt everyone needs an outfit that brings them sheer joy.  That is this outfit, and then some!

Looking forward to Summer 2021

What will I be wearing Summer 2021?  

Lately, I have been drawn to soft pastels and woven layers that I can take on and off depending on the weather.  I won’t have to worry about that in the coming summer months in California!  As I said, I don’t like to play favorites… with my colors, seasons or handbags!   I do, however, love summer and love this Lady Dior – Christian Dior handbag that made such a splash on my Instagram page! It’s completely retro and timeless all at once, and I can’t wait to see what it inspires me to wear next.

Until then, I will be thinking of you and the amazing fashion moments I see on your feeds! Keep being inspired by color, and please share your latest inspiration with a tag through Instagram.

Wishing you the best of your summer 2021,