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How Can Virtual Health Care Help Me Manage my Chronic Illness?

Most days I would give so much in exchange for more pain-free moments with the people I love. Really, those people are who make every day less and less about my illness,…

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Your Journey to a Toxin Free Home – Part 2

I have heard from so many of you after posting Part 1, and am thrilled at the positive feedback and progress you are all making on your journey to a toxin free…

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Why Combat Boots are IN for Fall 2021

Combat boots seem to be that one fashion accessory that requires no explanation. They’re a timeless classic that have made their way into the mainstream through surplus stores, and then in the…

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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me! I am originally from Ukraine and have lived in the USA since 1996. I am lucky to live in sunny California with my husband, my mom and our German Shepard Faro. We are obsessed with fresh, healthy, local and organic foods that are simply prepared to showcase their true flavors. I am fortunate to have a backyard garden and tons of fruit trees. I have had chronic Lyme disease, CFS and POTS for many years and have to use a wheelchair. It’s been a very difficult journey trying to regain health. My hobbies include reading, photography, cooking and learning new things. I am absolutely obsessed with traveling to new destinations and learning new cultures. And lastly, I love love love natural body products that I am excited to share here and on my Instagram page.

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