Winter Skin Care – Honey Masks

Date: 01/07/2022

Happy New Year my friends and followers!  I hope you all had a joyful holiday season spending time with friends, family and loved ones.  While my holiday was joyful, it was also stressful and tiring.  I am in full re-charge and self-care mode this January.  I am resting, meditating, drinking plenty of fresh green juices and hot tea with honey.  I have honey on my brain as Santa brought me a few jars of very unique, small batch honey that is dreamy and delicious. Did you know each batch of honey is different depending on the different propolis that the bees gather?  The vast differences in flora where the bees live and collect propolis gives each honey a unique taste, texture, and health benefit.  Meaning honey from the dessert in Arizona will be uniquely different from honey collected in the mountains.  The moral of the story is to try all kinds of different honeys – not just for different flavor experiences but for the health and beauty benefits each small batch offers.  So all this honey business got me thinking…with winter in full swing, what better way to self-care than with warm, honey face masks!

During winter (and after holiday feasts and treats) our skin can become dry, acne prone, itchy and dull. Honey has been used for centuries not only for cooking and treating various illnesses but also as a magic potion for overall internal and external wellness. Honey is packed with essential nutrients, a natural sweetener, a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids and has natural antibacterial properties to keep bacteria at bay.  I have been using the Bee Yummy honey mask by Live Live & Organic for over fifteen years.  This mask can be a 20-30 minute “at home spa” treatment or you can use overnight for amazing results as an intense overnight repair treatment.  This product has been performing and delivering results for years, just check out some of the reviews!  Another things I like about this product is that it has Royal jelly as one of the ingredients, which is known to increase collagen production, promote wound healing and fight inflammation. 

A newer mask I recently tried is from Activist which is a fabulous, clean-beauty company focusing solely on products containing Manuka Honey.  I love everything about this company and brand – high quality ingredients, expertly crafted, gorgeous consistency and natural scent all in super-sleek, minimalist packaging.  I recently gave this product to a friend who has severe eczema, and she is thrilled at the relief she found from using this product.  Personally, I have used this product as a cleanser, spot treatment and my favorite method is as a mask – gently apply the product to clean skin for 20ish minutes.  While the product is on, I take time to meditate and relax.  Focusing on my breathing and visualizing the powers of Manuka repairing and transforming my skin. Yep – I may not wear Birkenstocks but I do have an inner hippie.

Last, but certainly not least is a gorgeous product from Shive Rose called Honey & Nectar mask which is loaded with clean ingredients to combat dryness and aging.  The vitamin C also brightens and protects the skin.  This mask does get a bit warm on the skin during the 15 or so minutes I leave on which enhances the spa-like home experience.  My mom is also hooked on this one – it really is wonderful for any age or any skin type. 

I hope you enjoy at home self-care and these honey masks as much as I do.  While it is important to get professional skincare treatments when you can, it is also just as important to find ways to incorporate self-care at home.  Please share your favorite self-care rituals and routines – I love seeing all the creativity that comes from this amazing community.  

Wishing you health and rest this New Year,