A day of sweetness

Date: 01/28/2022

Hello to all my sweet followers!  Are you getting in the Valentine’s spirit?  I sure am.  I love Valentine’s Day.  Not just for all the red hearts, pink flowers, and romance but also for taking a moment to focus on love, kindness, and relationships.  It is not just for lovers, but also a lovely way to remember all the sweet people in our lives. Our family, pets, co-workers, teachers, and mentors to name a few. Valentine’s Day is extra-special for me because it is also my dating anniversary.  People generally reply to that by saying, “oh, that must be easy for your husband to remember, ha ha ha” which is true, but my hubby loves to celebrate “us” all year long.  We both love to love each other!

OK, so what are you all planning for the day?  I love to hear your ideas and see your photos and posts on Instagram. I recently posted gorgeous pictures of a gift from my husband – gorgeous bouquet of 100 pink roses- always a hit with me.  Some of you will think roses are overplayed, but not me, roses are timeless like a Tiffany Diamond or a Chanel bag that are always beloved. Now, if a huge bouquet of roses won’t do… try making a few of your own  bouquets in small glass jars with luxurious ribbons and drop them to a neighbor or friend.  Guaranteed to make their day!  There are so many flower varieties that come in hues of red and pink – from deep to light.  Add pops of white to create some contrast for a small and sweet bouquet.    

If you have kiddos or can grab a few friends, gather up some paper, pens, glue and glitter and get into the spirit by making cute cards and notes.  Remember the grade school trick – fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of the heart, cut out with scissors to unfold a perfectly symmetrical heart?   So satisfying… the hack before we knew about hacks! Joking aside, hand-written, and hand-made notes are meaningful and show the recipient that you took the time to make them feel loved.  Go old school, be cheeky and have some fun.  

The title of this post is “sweetness” and I feel obliged to talk about candies.  You all know I eat only 100% dark chocolate – and love it.  This is not for the faint of heart and can be off-putting to some if giving as a gift.  There are hundreds of quality chocolatiers that have different aesthetics and tastes – my recommendation is to go for options that are high quality (duh), local and use sustainable business practices. Your gift of sweets will double to support companies that are doing things the “right” way.  Some of my favorite chocolatiers that are my go-to for gifting are Voges and Compartes.  You can not go wrong with any of the choices they offer.  I generally get rave reviews back from the recipients asking when the next “gift” is coming.

Now if you are gifting to you lover, think about some exciting and romantic ideas.  A lavender bubble bath, couples massage. A candlelight dinner of just desserts?  Lingerie optional?  Sexy game of Trivial Pursuit?  Popcorn and Truth or Dare?  You get the idea – take it as far as you think your partner will love.  The idea is to elevate a typical night to something that creates intimate memories and fun.

Another lovely way to say, “I love and appreciate you.” is with food.  The way to everyone’s heart. Think big baskets of your favorite cheeses, crackers, wine and fruits.  Hit a local farmer’s market and stock up on what is fresh. Grab a basket from the back of your closet and fill it with the makings of an intimate dinner for two or a juice cleanser or ingredients for home-made biscotti.  Whatever strikes your fancy or something you know the recipient will love making.  How I would love a basket of fresh vegetables and all the other ingredients needed along with a recipe to make a cozy breakfast for me and my husband!  Hint, hint!

I love all of you and am so thankful to have you in my community.  You are seen, noticed, respected and appreciated.  While I can’t send each of you a nosegay or chocolates, please know that you make my life rich with support and love.  Happy Valentine’s to each and everyone of you.  I wish you love, peace, connection and health.

With love,