Wearing it Again: Timeless Looks from Fall/Winter 2019

Date: 12/11/2020

As the season begins to turn once again, I’ve found myself trying to capture the colorful seasonal transformation through my favorite medium: fashion!  I decided to look back last year for some personal fashion inspiration.

So, whether you’re already shopping for next season, or just looking for a few pops of colour to brighten your day, please enjoy this little online ‘runway’ show, straight from my closet to yours: 

Blue, but not The Blues

Just as December is starting, my garden is a spectacular contrast of still-blooming soft flowers and fire-orange autumn leaves hanging from the trees. Emblematic of that contrast, this luxurious Louis Vuitton jacket in royal, floral blue is a perfect choice to keep away the Fall chill, while paying homage to nature’s ever-changing palette.

It is one of my statement jackets.  The beauty and quality is so difficult to capture with a camera I wish you all could see it in person. 

Keeping the collar buttoned closed, I’ve always felt this coat perfect for windier mornings thanks to its almost-knee length cut.  I’ve paired it here with a few classic, solid basics, like the strappy heels in deep blue; slightly cropped white pants (who says you can’t wear white after Labor day?); and my patent blue bag for the perfect match.  

After having spent a few restful days along the ocean shore this summer, wearing white jeans and breezy floral blouses, I love that I turned the look straight into a fall version of itself.

Black and White in Living Color

Sometimes, it’s best to let the colors of your surroundings speak for themselves, which is why this sharp houndstooth jacket in basic black and white takes the cake as my absolute favorite for winter; it’s an outfit that’s inspired by winter hats and falling snow, all without the freezing temperatures that comes with them.

My favorite part about this look is the way that the black and white contrast against the beautiful yellow and greens in this particular fall backdrop. It’s almost as if I were in greyscale, while the rest of the world was in full color!

Sunset Shades for Sunset Days

I make it a priority to head outside at least once per day to check up on my garden or watch Faro play.  It is usually in my garden, where I find myself drawn to this color or that…only to find myself matching the garden’s newest blooms the very next day! 

That’s what you’re seeing above, as I considered the bright pinks and yellows of this beautiful sunset day by my magnolia tree even in the middle of California winter. There’s nothing more brilliant to me than color-blocking two bright colors, only then pulling them together with other accessories like these wicked Christian Louboutin heels in yellow, orange, and pink!

Besides the basic enjoyment of playing with color in my wardrobe, I love this look because it’s critical to keep a bit of summer’s fun with you through your fashion choices. To be sure, it certainly cheers me up to wear so much brightness while the city falls into its winter doldrums.

Thigh-High Leather, Almost Always Classy

Just on the cusp of summer turning to fall, the sunset skies are striking shades of rosy orange that turn to a deep, royal purple. It is also that time when I start to return to my fall wardrobe after summer, and pull out those cozy knits and jackets. 

That is just what inspired me to start off Fall 2019 with a sweet, three-quarter sleeved purple knit dress that I have had for ages. 

The air was still a little warm at the time, so I didn’t need a jacket, and chose to style a patterned cashmere shawl against my matching handbag and over-the-knee black-buttoned stiletto boots. I’ve always been attracted to the versatility of a great pair of over the knee boots, especially when you can pair them with softer fabrics to create a classic, polished look. I was feeling especially cozy between the cashmere scarf and soft-knit dress, making them what I love most about this look!

Cool Colors and Cozy Fabrics in the Season of Love

On those winter California days in mid-February when the excitement for spring is in the air and Valentine ’s Day is just around the corner, I get in the skirt mood!  

I chose this classic skirt suit with a bold twist: I mean, I know I can’t be the only one who had relegated tweed to the closets of ancient professors! But let me tell you, when I found this tweed number in sharp-shouldered bold purples, blues, I certainly felt as if I could teach someone a thing or two. Not to mention, the durability and warmth of tweed is perfect for those days when you aren’t sure if the weather is going to behave.  

Pair this top-of-the-line academic look with a sweet royal blue bag and metallic two tone heels, and I was ready for anything!

Looks to Last a Year: Color Inspiration from Season to Season

See any color combinations you love? I would love to hear about them!

It’s one of my favorite moments, to see how you incorporate even a tidbit of my fashion inspiration into your look, so don’t hesitate to show me how it’s done—and don’t limit yourself to winter or fall either! I want to see the colors and pieces you choose for every season that suits you.

With that, I send the rainbow out to you my friends!