Joy of Juice

Date: 10/19/2020

You guys know I love my greens – malachite, emerald, bamboo… I could go on and on. But my favorite greens come in the form of healthy juices loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. I have learned a few tips and tricks over the last twenty years of my juicing journey that I want to share with you.

Before you even start…

Equipment – you have read this from me before, but be sure to get the highest quality juicer you can afford. Think through the types of veggies and fruits you want to extract juice from and do your research. Second hand or borrowing for a weekend is always a great option if you are new to juicing and want to give it a try. You will quickly find there is quite a range in price, parts, extraction levels and size! Number of parts means lots of cleaning, extraction levels means more or less produce is needed and size is a key consideration – if you don’t have counter space to dedicate to this equipment, you may want something smaller that is easy to get in and out of the cupboard.

Produce – only organic. I mean it. If you are spending the time to make your own juice at home, spend the time to thoroughly wash and procure the best organic produce you can find. Now may be the time to consider signing up for a local co-op or CSA that provides weekly deliveries of the freshest locally grown wares or get to know a vendor at the farmer’s market to score the first pick.

Types of Juicing:

Greens only – for the die hard or if you have issues with sugar. I recommend kale, celery, romaine, parsley, cilantro, dandelion greens, chard, collard and cucumber. Cucumber is a perfect balance to smooth out the spiciness of green-only drinks. Experiment with different combos and ratios to keep it interesting for you and your body. You know what they say about variety… spice of life and all that. Keep all your greens in the fridge to ensure your juice is nice and cold. Try and add a little lemon (vesicle only) to your juicier or squeeze a little bit of it at the end for pure perfection!

Fruit & Non-Green Veggies – think apples, carrots, rainbow peppers, tomatoes and beets. Use caution as these can get overly sweet! My recommendation is to use these sparingly in a predominantly green drink. You want to be a die-hard like me, right?

Citrus – lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime require a special juicer that presses the juice because the rind and pith are super bitter. A favorite trick of mine is to squeeze the juice but also zest or squeeze the rind to release some of the gorgeous oils and scent at the top of my glass.

Wheatgrass – this also requires a special juicer. The benefits of wheatgrass are vast and worth the investment in the equipment and in growing the grass for personal use. Wheatgrass is easy to grow – sprouts and regenerates quickly.

Cliff notes for those of you hiding in the back – high quality, clean and cold produce! Try for as green as possible to avoid overly sweet and sugary juices. AND drink on an empty stomach as soon as possible afer juicing to reap the maximum benefits!

If you are making extra juice store it in sealed jars with the least amount of oxygen for 24-48 hours at most! Juice oxidizes quickly and loses potency!

Try juicing and let me know what you think – do you feel more energized? Skin becoming more radiant? Sleeping better? Is your partner laughing at your green moustache – I am notorious for having some juice on my upper lip!