5 Fashion Trends I Can’t Live Without in 2021

Date: 01/14/2021

Has 2020 put your style in a slump? Looking for a little fashion inspiration to pick yourself up for the new year? Well, I’d love to help! 2020 was a wild and unusual experience to say the least, and I think you’ll agree when I say that it’s time to reclaim it for ourselves, and our closets! I hope you’ll join me as I count down my top five favorite fashion trends to help us break into 2021!  

5. Bold brights from the 60’s and 80’s for fun and flair

Why not brighten 2021 by giving your wardrobe a nostalgic, blast-from-the-past update? At number five I’ve selected those bold brights, neons, and pastels from the 60’s and 80’s that are a sure-fire way to keep away the drab—especially with the greys of winter! And for those of you who living north of the equator, I say this: don’t let the cold winter stop you from experimenting with a little color here and there. It’s important now more than ever to bridge the gap between colour and happiness (just as I was mentioning about in another recently published article: Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness, and All the Colors of the Rainbow), and to either embrace your personal style all the way—or to challenge it with that little pop of colour!

4. Leather jacket for that added element of cool.

Sometimes when you put on that piece from your closet, you can literally feel the cool wash over you—you remember all the characters you’ve seen on-screen, and very suddenly, you become each and every one. Cool is a state of mind and my mind loves a good leather jacket!

I chose a sleek leather jacket as my number four trend for 2021. Add a bold scarf or cheeky book, and on any given day of the week you can find me with some added cool. Bring it on, world—the look brings a feeling of: there’s nothing that can stop me.

If black is just a bit too edgy for you (although I do think everyone should have one zippered black-leather jacket…not that I’m biased!) there are tons of colored-leather options out there for you to choose from, from burnt tangerine to cherry-pop red. You could even live your best life and buy a few different shades!

3. 1950’s A-line skirts to transport you to another era

Whenever I’m feeling down, almost nothing can flip my mood better than slipping into a classic A-line skirt for a little bit of old California glam. Pop on some fab sunglasses and you’ve got my number three favorite trend for 2020! The best part? An A-line suits everyone! Tall or short, thin or curvy, it’s a great cut that can add a bit of something-something to even the most staunchly pants-preferring fashionista.

2. Ripped denim to give you that edge

You might think I’m always looking for super-clean lines and classic-only cuts, but if there is one thing I can say for sure, it’s that there is nothing like sliding on a pair of well-worn ripped denim jeans…and getting your toe stuck in one of the holes, haha! (It can’t just be me!).


But more seriously, I’ve loved ripped denim for longer than I can say, and to tell you the truth, ripped denim was an original close contender for the number one spot on this list! I just feel that, no matter whether you’re fond of black-wash or blue, a bit of shredded denim can spice up any look, from a simple Sunday turtle-neck to your best Monday suit-jacket—especially if you’re in a rock-and-roll kind of mood on a weekday. (who isn’t, right?).


Even better, this year I’ve been seeing more and more slim-fit denim jeans with a cut-crop at the ankle instead of a straight-hemmed seam. I must say, that small detail can make stepping out in a sky high pair of heels feel like I can deal with anything this coming year can throw at me: as if I’m the ultimate badass! Everyone can use a little of that feeling?

Finally, my number one fashion trend of all time (and probably a little cliché):
1. The Little Black Dress!

Surprised? Whether you’ve followed my feed for a long time or just stumbled upon this article on your own, you may have noticed my penchant for the bright, the colourful, the BOLD! So, when I name a little black dress as my number one, I can only imagine that some of you are going to be looking for a serious explanation.

Well, let me give it to you! This last year brought much of the bleak, and amid this darkness, I couldn’t help but recall the resilience of Audrey Hepburn in one of my favorite films of all time: Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

No, I’ll never forget first seeing that initial scene when she goes from sleep to graceful class in 20 seconds flat thanks to her little black dress and a few hair pins. And to follow her through her journey as she continues to fight against all that ails her in life while wearing…you guessed it: that little black dress! I’ve always found it so inspiring, and even more so in this stormy year since the film itself ends with rain as heavy as this one has been.

So, in tribute to her (as one of my favorite actresses of all time), and to putting this challenging year behind us all, I wear my own little black dress with the same kind of power she has! You’ll agree again, I think, that this is a kind of power that a yellow dress or a blue dress just couldn’t manage, and so I must name it as my number one favorite for this year and the next.

Wishing you the best in all your 2021 style extraordinariness,

With love,