Date: 09/26/2020

Everyone knows I love color; bright, chic, eye-catching and the bolder the better.  But today, let’s talk neutrals.  To me, basic fashion neutral colors are black or white.  A fun fact, black and white are not actually colors because they have no specific wavelengths of light.  White contains all the wavelengths and black contains no wavelengths.  A little science lesson before we get to the good stuff! 

Black is timeless, versatile, classic, slimming and a perfect backdrop to punctuate a bold hue or one-season fashion trend.  I would consider a blazer, silk blouse, pencil skirt, cocktail dress and jeans foundational pieces of a wardrobe and worth spending extra time to get the perfect fit.  Find a local tailor with good reviews and try them out with a few pieces.  If they are good, support them!  Good tailoring is a dying art and we need to support our local artisans with our business.

Black also translates so well in a variety of fabrics from denim to silk to cotton and knits.  When I look in my closet, I love to see all levels of saturation from deep and dark to opaque shades.   Isn’t that a book?  Fifty shades of black?  Oh wait… that’s gray.  We will definitely talk gray another time.

Now for ALL the wavelengths.  White.  It is not just for weddings or before Labor Day.  White is a year-round fashion staple that can be daring or demure.  For me, white is all about texture and dimension to ensure my look doesn’t feel flat.  Fabrics are critical.  Look for pieces that are knit or have applique, lace and silk that catches the light when you move.  White can also be risky in terms of stains and wrinkles.  I would recommend buying the highest quality you can afford when it comes to classic white pieces that you want to last.  Make sure you check the care instructions and are committed to following them – dry clean only means dry clean only 😊

Here are some of my latest looks